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A guest speaker tells a personal story to students and adults. The impact of a personal story that is told live in the classrooms is an indispensable addition to the history teaching method. Interaction and dialog with students is used as an engaging guideline. But we also want to surprise, bewilder and awaken. The intention of the guest speaker is to let the students think for themselves about war, prejudices, racism, and antisemitism. With every application, we find the right guest speaker
walk a mile in someone else's shoes

As a teacher / teacher, do you find it difficult to conduct an anti-Semitism conversation with your group / class? Anne-Maria van Hilst comes to have an open conversation and does not shy away from naming and invalidating all prejudice against Jews. There is room for everyone's opinion, provided they respect each other. This workshop deepens into a guest lesson by our guest speakers
Duration: 60 minutes
Costs: € 70.00 excluding travel costs
Target audience: po/vo/mbo/hbo (only in combination with a guest lesson)

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