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This is how it works

Contact us by phone, email or WhatsApp.
You will receive global information. The input of Na de Oorlog and also your contribution as a whole will be discussed. If there is a 'click', we will make an appointment.
During the first meeting we get acquainted, we explain in detail how it all works and you tell your personal story. If there is a match…
Then you and the coach will develop your story in text, form and image. We'll look for the main theme, which serves as a guideline in your story and the discussion.
When the story is ready, you will practice this with our coach and you will receive support in conducting a group discussion.
Then teaching material, flyer and poster will be developed and you will do one or more try-outs.
Working! Based on a volunteer agreement and a VOG, you will give a number of guest lessons at schools and public gatherings in the city/region where you live. There is a volunteer's fee and travel costs in return.

What should you be able to do?

As a post-war generation having a history in relation to WW2 (including Jewish, Indian, resistance, Roma and Sinti, NSB) of another genocide.
Don't be afraid to speak in public for groups. Experience is not necessary, but it is a bonus!
Have a heart for children, young people and education!

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