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Can you also convey a personal story through video calls?

Yes, but not in the original form of a physical guest lesson.

We've developed a new educational concept for this, in which we went into the studio to record and edit parts of the guest class. In order to make the emotion palpable and trigger the imagination. All this interspersed with live storytelling, photos, documents, authentic films and a lot of interaction with students in the form of dilemmas, open and closed questions, and so on.

In short: an organic whole! And this is very well received. Last school year we gave more than 50 live online guest lessons.

You can request a guest lesson from Daniella Zwaaf, Lion Tokkie, Judith Goudsmit, Yasmin Richards en David Goudsmit.

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"And how impressive it was. A beautiful and well constructed story with beautiful movies and photos. (e.g. the movie in which Daniella plays out the dilemma when Bram Zwaaf proposes to give their daughter to other people). And Daniella, I told you afterwards, it was impressive and intense. From time to time I was even touched by your story and what you showed me. So well told! I sometimes felt the tears come up, I'll tell you that honestly. I also saw emotions in the back of the classroom with a boy. You really touched the children and me and included them in your story. I saw it in the faces of the children how this story came to them. They are really not going to forget this anymore!

In the previous weeks I was a bit skeptical about telling such a story online. That can never come across as good, I thought. I preferred the physical presence of the storyteller. I think that's a necessity with stories like this. In the end it was online after all and I have to admit that it was not too bad for me. Yes, also online the story was, as I said, penetrating and emotional. Thanks again for your story Daniella".

Evaluation by Ryan Asscheman, Agnesschool in IJsselstein

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