why a guest speaker

A guest speaker tells a personal story to students and adults. The impact of a personal story that is told live in the classrooms is an indispensable addition to the history teaching method. Interaction and dialog with students is used as an engaging guideline. But we also want to surprise, bewilder and awaken. The intention of the guest speaker is to let the students think for themselves about war, prejudices, racism, and antisemitism. With every application, we find the right guest speaker


I find it hard to tell the history of the Holocaust. I see that a good number of children find it difficult to imagine. Partly because grandparents are no longer with us and little or nothing is told about it anymore. But also with children with different cultural backgrounds, I see that WWII and the Holocaust say very little.


A guest speaker who tells a personal story of his or her family who has experienced WW2 or another genocide makes history come alive in the classroom. In the follow-up conversation with the guest speaker, there is also the necessary interaction with the students.


As a teacher, I notice that I sometimes I find it difficult to teach my class about the Middle East conflict. The emotions among my students from VMBO 3 and HAVO 3 sometimes run high and the nuance is sometimes hard to find. I would like to have an open discussion with my students, but how? 


We have a project in which two young teachers (Jewish and Islamic) jointly deal with the history of WWII and the Middle East in three block hours. The connections they make in relation to their personal stories make open discussion possible in the classroom. 

What does the guest class consist of?

The guest lesson is a personal story and can - depending on the choice of the guest speaker - be told using media and literary/theatrical/visual/musical elements. This is followed by a discussion in which questions can be asked and discussions can take place. The personal story lasts about 30 minutes. Afterwards, the discussion lasts about 30 minutes, during which a dialogue with the pupils about prejudice, racism and anti-Semitism takes place.


Target group
The guest class is suitable for primary education (group 7 and 8), secondary education, MBO, HBO, universities and theme meetings.

for whom


The guest lessons are meant for:

  • Primary education from group 7 and 8. For the Montessori and Jenaplan schools there is a combination group 6/7/8.

  • Secondary education all classes


Institutions / government / companies

A personal story as a starting point for a meeting is always possible. Location and setting are flexible.

Urban discussions about anti-Semitism, racism and exclusion work well when a guest speaker tells his or her personal story. The imagination is triggered and creates empathy about the subject. An excellent starting point for a discussion on the above mentioned topics! If you want a discussion leader, that is also possible.

Call, mail or app for more information about content and costs:

+31 6 39762378    -    info@nadeoorlog.nl


I want to be a guest speaker

How it works

Je neemt telefonisch, per mail of via WhatsApp contact met ons op.

Je krijgt globale informatie. De bijdrage van NA DE OORLOG en ook jouw bijdrage in het geheel komt aan bod. Is er een klik, dan maken we een afspraak.

Tijdens het eerste gesprek maken we kennis, vertellen wij uitgebreid hoe het verder gaat en vertel jij je persoonlijke verhaal. Als er een match is…

Dan ga jij gezamenlijk met de coach je verhaal in vorm, beeld en tekst ontwikkelen. Hierbij wordt het centrale thema gezocht, dat als leidraad in je verhaal en het nagesprek dient.

Wanneer dit klaar is, ga je repeteren met onze onze coach en krijg je ondersteuning in het voeren van een groepsgesprek / discussie.

Vervolgens wordt er lesmateriaal, flyer  en een poster ontwikkeld en ga je een of meerdere try-outs doen.

Aan het werk! Op basis van een vrijwilligersovereenkomst en een VOG ga je een x-aantal gastlessen geven op scholen en  openbare bijeenkomsten in de stad/regio waar jij woont. Er staat een vrijwilligersvergoeding  en reiskosten tegenover.


What do you need?

As a post-war generation having a history in relation to WW2 (including Jewish, Indian, resistance, Roma and Sinti, NSB) of another genocide.

Don't be afraid to speak in public for groups. Experience is not necessary, but it is a bonus!

Have a heart for children, young people and education!


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