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'In fact, every school should get this anti-Semitism project',

said a history teacher from the IJburg College in Amsterdam.

They also include their personal stories in the lessons, as well as the role of the media and the associated image. The main goal of this project is to reduce anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination. But also promoting citizenship, tolerance, understanding of the rule of law and respect for democracy.

They work with a timeline in the form of a Prezi devised by the Respect Education Foundation. The content of this timeline is filled with material by Kamal and Baruch themselves, based on their many years of experience in the classroom and is constantly updated. The content of the lessons was developed by Jacquelien Vroemen van Meelicht . The topics that are discussed are: prejudice, discrimination (making a distinction between groups), anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, acceptance & respect and society & society.


Do you want practical help as a teacher to deal with the Middle East conflict in class? Then this project is a solution. This project puts two experienced young teachers (Jewish and Islamic) in front of the class to deal with the Middle East conflict from each other's perspective in six to eight hours. Kamal and Baruch are friends, but that does not mean that they always agree 100% with each other. They can, however, listen to each other's positions with respect.

Baruch and Kamal are so well attuned to each other, because they have been working together for years. This creates an open atmosphere, making a good discussion possible.

  • Target audience: secondary education, MBO, (primary education in consultation)

  • Duration: six to eight hours, in consultation.

  • Place: the Netherlands

  • Costs: € 100.00 per class, ex. travel expenses. This includes a subsidy from the Vfonds and Fonds 1818. After this, a different amount applies.

  • Tip: schools can apply for grants from various municipalities in the context of citizenship and security.

I want a Workshop



walk a mile in someone else's shoes

As a teacher / teacher, do you find it difficult to conduct an anti-Semitism conversation with your group / class? Anne-Maria van Hilst comes to have an open conversation and does not shy away from naming and invalidating all prejudice against Jews. There is room for everyone's opinion, provided they respect each other. This workshop deepens into a guest lesson by our guest speakers

Duration: 60 minutes Costs: € 70.00 excluding travel costs Target audience: po / vo / mbo / hbo (only in combination with a guest lesson)

Drama workshop exclusion

Every person learns differently. A guest lecture from NA DE Oorlog is interactive, but is still an activity in which the pupil remains in the chair. This drama workshop allows students to experience the effects of exclusion, both physically and emotionally.

Duration: 60 minutes Costs: € 70.00 excluding travel costs Target audience: po / vo / mbo / hbo (only in combination with a guest lesson)


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